A day in the Life: The Gathering · A short Story

Posted on 26. Juni 2016


The boy woke up. His mother was knocking at his door. Stefan was there. A surprise. Stefan was one of the boys oldest and best friends, since his mother had married again and moved with him to that farm house, his stepfather owned (that was a lie, he never owned it, it was just lend).

It was late afternoon. What had happened? He had been at one of those open air happenings made for the youth which were organized by shrewd pub owners. The boy in fact believed that those parties were for the youth, until he was thrown out several times by a barkeeper, because he was talking big and acting like nothing could harm him.

Stefan smiled. The boy felt sick, but was glad his friend dropped in. Obviously hungover, but not with his clothes still on, the boy got up and welcomed his very good friend. Until today his words are deliberated thoroughly by the boy. Always, because he can trust him without any doubts or reservations.

„What have you done?” A grave question. The boy was telling about his „friends”. About drinking, school, his new friends at school the boy spend his time with since Stefan and the boy were on different schools.

Stefan made it to the High School and the boy was at middle school. They both met at the Kindergarden, were together in elementary school and had fallen in love from the first day on. Always shared a desk, always were laughing and giggling, always both got impositions and always took turns standing in the corner.

Authors note: If it is true that laughing will extend life, we are immortal.

„You drink?” The question alone, made the boy feel naked. He tried to downplay it. He told Stefan that the boys he is with now were cool or great, especially Andreas and that the weekends and all this were big fun.

„Do you do something else? I mean except drinking?”, Stefan ask.

Dear reader. I am very sure that you know this: Only a special somebody is able to ask an essential question of fundamental importance, you can*t answer nothing else except the wonderful truth.

The boy sat on his mattress, knowing answering this straight and true was necessary and started to reveal all his problems and needs and problems and needs. And that he was not satisfied with what he did the last two years.

„Do you smoke?”, Stefan asked.

„Smoke what?”, the boy ask.

„Shit, weed … you know? Have you tried it? I say, it is much better than drinking”

„Yes, I know. I did. At the open-air festival in Bruchhausen-Vilsen.”

„It is time you change your habits. Meet me at home at eight’o’clock!” Said it and gone.

The boy was on time. Stefan and him went a couple of houses down the street to get Carsten, the neighbour of Holger. Carsten and Stefan went to get Ingo (the boys future soulmate) and the boy and Holger, while waiting, were sitting on a fence, talking about music and Holger recommended The B-52’s to the boy, what changed his musical taste entirely from that day on.

Five boys left the developing area, went down some country lanes, along a wood to a meadow, confined by a small creek. Everything was new to the boy. How they all talked to each other. No shouting, big talking, seeking to rag one, just for fun.

The boy knew only Stefan, but all seem to know the boy. All were somehow awaiting him.

It took about half an hour to have the firewood collected from the wood, while some tore out dry grass or cared about other things to make the meeting comfortable.

The fire was burning. The mates have met and were together for the first time in this constellation. They smoked weed and talked friendly and careful to each other, laughed a lot and carried on with it until today!

They made the boy to the boy he is now. Again and again.

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