A house of sorrows

You built a house to put you in
To watch the world go floating by
To find a secret place to live
Where no one see you cry

I watched you closely from outside
And turned my circles closer
With pawns of silk and fur so smooth
I sneek near your enclosure

Before you’ll feel true life so sweet
You need to throw the stone you keep
That once might be your heart has been
To let a new one grow again

I was asleep in deep wild dreams
I dreamed of broken bars
When I heard you smash the glass
I knew soon what it was

I like to see you free outside
For now your house is broken
I’ll never close my eyes on you
As long as yours are open

The place where once you lost yourself
Is dark like dead and hollow
Between a space thats real and dream
But don’t you ever sorrow

Love will shine as sun to you
As long as you believe it
And hope has never left the lone
They want and they’ll receive it

But don’t you think that I am free
Look out for me and you will see
A wider range of being kept:
The Tiger behind bars


© & ℗ Frank Barneföhr · Alle Rechte vorbehalten · Keine unerlaubte Kopie, auch nicht auszugsweise, ohne schriftliche Genehmigung des Verfassers.

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